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Dominque Romeo

About This Project

My name is Dominique Romeo I’m 24 years young and art is my passion. It always has been, and this love affair will never die. So, sorry boys- there isn’t a soul alive that could arouse me more than a sharpened pencil can. I was born in North Jersey, grew up a stones throw from the Big Bad Apple, and moved to Australia when I was 19. Perusing my career in the arts, with a BFA, and I came back to my home town just this passed year. I’ve been tattooing solidly for about 6 years now, both in America and Australia. I was heavily influenced by Katherine Von Drachenberg at a very young age, and later came to find that we shared a similar story, and a few of the same passions. My interests include portrait work, intricacy, detail, and anything that requires hours upon hours of concentration. I believe it is important to go after the things you want in this life, and if you want them badly enough, you should stop at nothing to get you to where you are headed. We are the creators of our own universe, and every day is a gift. Each morning I unwrap my gift with a humble heart and continue learning.